Team CLS - Bruce Banning passes 100,000km


It is hard to comprehend the hours needed to ride 100,000km on an indoor trainer. Well this weekend our very own Bruce Banning did exactly that on the Teams Saturday PM Drum 'n' Base Endurance ride. You can see his Zwift profile by clicking here.

One of our members Jeff Scott commented on one of our messenger pages that evening when word got round:

If I had joined Zwift on the day it launched (30 Oct 2015) and cycled 50km EVERY DAY, I would still be 5000kms short!

I think that is all I need to say, it sums it up beautifully. So this week if any of you wonderful Zwifters come across Bruce, you may want to give him a shout out, a true ambassador, and a very humble man. If it wasn't for me wanting to congratulate him from everyone in the Team it would be business as usual this week.

Chapeau Bruce we will See You Down the Road......