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  • The SiS GO Isotonic Gel was the worlds first isotonic gel effectively delivering an easily digestible and quick supply of carbohydrate for energy during exercise
  • SiS GO Isotonic Gels are designed to be consumed without water meaning that you can ensure rapid delivery of carbohydrate to your muscles without the feeling of being bloated that can sometimes occur with over-drinking
  • Depleting your carbohydrate stores during exercise is one of the major causes of fatigue
  • Improve your performance with a quick supply of 22 grams of carbohydrate per gel
  • Gels can easily be carried in your pocket or your race belt without the requirement for bulky bottles
  • Informed Sport Registered: Produced in an Informed Sport accredited facility and Triple Tested to provide complete confidence for athletes

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Fruit Salad, Orange, Apple, Lemon / Lime, Pineapple, Pink Grapefruit, Tropical Fruit, Blackcurrant


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