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We participate in Zwift group rides, workouts, recovery rides and racing.

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About us

Team CLS is made up of like-minded enthusiastic cyclists who have no big ego's. We ride not only to get fitter and stronger, but more importantly to have fun, in the world of Zwift!

We run a number of events on Zwift that suit alot of riders out there with our focus on keeping our events interesting through our experienced leaders. We have social rides at the weekend and workout focussed sessions during the week. We welcome everyone to join us on our events.

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Today's events

Check out what events we have on Zwift and plan your rides.

18:50 (UK Time)

Chill 'n' Spin


Join us for our weekly chill ride where we relax, wind down, recover and enjoy some fun discussions. This ride also unlocks our in-game kit.

Our workouts

Every Tuesday and Thursday we host our workout events.

If you want your training spiced up a bit come and try our midweek events where will will aim to keep you motivated, on track and enjoying turbo training even when it hurts a bit.

These weekly events blend the structure of motivation and camaraderie of a group ride. It doesn’t use Zwift’s group workout mode – you’re not tethered to the group or just focusing on a power number. We’ve taken the normal group ride format and turned it into community-led training.

Our aim on these events are to maintain your fitness levels and hopefully progress you up through the Zwift categories. Everyone is welcome to join. You can jump in for some of the rides and not others. Our workouts are published prior to the event, so that you know what to expect and can follow along easier.