Our Tuesday and Thursday group structured workout rides.

Current training phase:

Pre-Base Phase
Base Phase
Build Phase
Peak Phase

Download workout files:

This 'n' That

Files available for:
Tuesday, 13 Apr 2021Event has passed, but you can still download the files and solo it!

Leaders for this workout:

Cat –


High 'n' Low

Files available for:
Thursday, 15 Apr 2021Files are available for the next event, you can download them in advance!

Leaders for this workout:

How it works:

Our This 'n' That and High 'n' Low workout sheets can be downloaded here in advance. These files let riders know what to expect and make it easier to follow under strain. Our leaders will still announce instructions by typing out each w/kg at the specified times.

You can check our event schedule to know when these events are on.