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Tuesday's at 18:50 (UK Time) This 'n' That B C

High C CAT night where we focus on Hilly Courses.

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Wednesday's at 18:50 (UK Time) Badge Hunters C

A steady ride where we explore the worlds of Zwift in search of official Route Badges.

Thursday's at 18:50 (UK Time) High 'n' Low B C

Structured workout event where we focus our efforts on Intervals.

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Saturday's at 14:45 (UK Time) Vocal 'n' Social Club Rideout C

Our feature Social Team rideout, with plenty of support to reach the end.

Sunday's at 18:00 (UK Time) Juniors Ride / Race D

An ideal event for new riders to join our juniors to ride at an easier pace but watch out for the sting in the tail.