This 'n' That heads up Ven-Top

Join the Team tonight as CLS take on Ven-Top, Zwifts longest and some say toughest climb. We will work as a group on the lower slopes before we finally emerge from the woods at Chalet Reynard ticking off 2/3rds of the climb where the leader will relase the monsters to attack the last 6km. The race across the moon scape willl test your skills as a climber as there are opportunities on that sector to grab a wheel but you will need to dig deep on any kickrs to hang on to your rivals. The beacon will ride up with those not racing but will turn up the screws and rests will be a rare feature.

PACE - This is a High C CAT ride, so although we will have plenty of zones riding at 2.5 w/kg we will be having some surges up to 4.5 w/kg so you will be working hard at times. The climb should take around 1 hr 45 mins, a little less for the Team 'MONSTERS'. Bit remember once we pass Chalet Reynard I can't promise you will see 2.5 w/kg again as we press on to the Tower !

Never fear the unknown, see you all in the pen (click here to sign up).....Love Always. The Ferret