Team CLS Go Long !!

For the first time ever Team CLS are running a full 9 month training program to get you in shape for Spring / May 2022. We will be working on Base right through until 2022 before moving up to build. This may seem excessive but you can never beat a good solid foundation. Don't think it will be easy though, we are aiming to take our base level to another level for our C and B Cat regulars through consistent Tuesdays and Thursday workouts. You will need to work hard though as on Tues the 14th December after a 10 min warm up there will be just one Call.......Go 2.9 for 1 hour in C's and Go 3.3 for 1 hour in B's. Don't worry there will be alot of love along the road ahead and after achieving this milestone we will have a great 2 week festive break where we will focus on fun ready for build in 2022..... See you Down the Road 'The Ferret'