Team CLS Racing : DIRT Racing Series

Team CLS Racing : DIRT Racing Series

Team CLS took part in the latest DIRT Racing Series, which took part over the '22 festive break. Find out how Team CLS got on in this well organised series from DIRT.



DIRT set up the Racing Series, with the aim of creating 'a series that’s JUST right'. The goal is to give you the best team racing experience on Zwift.

In its 3rd season, this series consisted of 5 stages - from 20th Dec - 3rd Jan - including a back to back TTT and road race on last day.

There are no PUs in any of the stages to encourage "fairer" racing and this is a split category series which keeps the competition closer as you're racing your peers.

There are FTS/FAL points and FIN points, with more weighting to FIN than in other series. DIRT advertise this as a team series primarily, but also give rider classifications for overall points, sprints and climbs. 

The season attracted 279 teams and 1,457 riders. 

More information on the series can be found on the dedicated website: 


Who took part from Team CLS?

With a lot of focus on ZRL, FRR etc. a group of Team CLS riders were looking to keep their racing legs sharp and have a bit of fun in a different series format over the festive period.

We registered 3 teams in the end, 2 Low C teams and 1 C+ team.

A special thanks to Christian N and Paul M for captaining and co-ordinating this series.


How did Team CLS perform?

C+ team

Our C+ team did really well....improving on their stage positions from 9th in st1 to 6th in st4 with an excellent TTT. A tough final st5 meant they finished 7th overall in a very competitive C+ which had to be split due to number of entered teams! Looking back through some individual results, whilst Alun T. came closest to breaking into Top 10 on st3, the strength in depth of the team across the board meant that they were still picking up decent overall team points. Well done C+ team on a great DIRT series, let's hope for more of the same for the next one.

C teams

The two Low-C teams were placed in the same, smaller division.

Through fortune rather than design, C1 team ended up stronger than C2 and dominated the series with a succession of very strong performances.
Sarah W. was stand out lady, topping the woman classifications and coming 5th in the overall rider classification, a fantastic consistent effort. Rodders was 4th on rider classification, Chris R. won 2 of the 3 races he entered  and collectively, the team was amazing in WINNING the LEAGUE!! Well done. Standout team performance was st1 where the team got the first 4(!) places. Jim L. also managed to bag 3 x Top10 on the first 3 stages. Deserving mentions also go to Jenny who despite batting illness managed to do races 1 and 4 (TTT), and Lee L. as well for stepping up from D for this team and finishing 23rd overall in rider GC. Well done, Steve, Rodders, Sarah, Jenny, Lee, Chris, Jim L.

C2 team had some equally great performances with some of our D cat riders pushing themselves to compete in harder races. For those who did most/all of the series for the team, Phil J. very much led the way, finishing 9th overall on GC and bagging FAL/FTS throughout the series. Suzanne and Kev C. battled back and forth during the series, supporting each other to put in really strong performances, notably on the Innsbruck KOM st2. Phil C. rode strong during all series, putting in some particularly strong turns in the TTT and should also mention Tim H diving in for a baptism of fire on the final double-stage day.
... and a final mention to Steve C., who won Stage 1 with a fantastic sprint.....and is still dining out on it ...a few weeks later!!!!

Here are a selection of league tables from the finalised results 

Event feedback from our riders


DIRT Racing Series was the most enjoyable thing I’ve taken part in since the early days of Diesels in Cat D when we finished 2nd in the ZRL. Split categories is the way to go in my opinion.
Last Autumn I told a few people I wanted to be a Cat D again as I really wasn’t up to being even a low end C... But something clicked with this series ... I can see improvement in my stats & I feel I am (a bit) competitive again. The ZRL is great but could be a lot better. I am not at all interested in this battle points thing.
... Anyway, to finish, huge thanks to one person for pushing me to my limits & to where I am on ZP, & that's Rodders!
Steve C.

I enjoyed the DIRT Racing Series competitiveness and friendliness amongst riders. I was racing in a category above my level and I nearly threw in the towel after the 1st race! I am so glad I stuck it out because I enjoyed the series, routes, and structure. I do look forward to another go at it in the future. Cheers!
Lee L.

I loved the series, developed some close rivalries with riders from other teams and felt there was always something to race for. As close to IRL racing, particularly on the sprint stages where you could work as a team to try to outwit other teams and develop different strategies. Bring on another series!


A BIG THANK YOU to all of the riders that took part and a Thank you from Team CLS to DIRT for running the series. 

If you are keen to get involved in some racing action with Team CLS, check out our website and Team CLS Racing FB page!

Club members can also access our Discord Channel - where all upcoming race series and events are listed in one easy to find place!

It would be great to have an even bigger Team CLS presence at the next DIRT Racing Series!