Team CLS Racing - Ready for ZRL 22/23 Season 1

Team CLS Racing - Ready for ZRL 22/23 Season 1

TEAM | CLS Racing and Zwift Racing League

The 'indoor season' is ramping up again with the latest Zwift Racing League getting started on September 13th... and Team CLS is ready to go!

Team CLS will be represented with 19 teams - mixed and women's only - across all categories. That is over 140 Team CLS riders participating! It is great to see our community of active racers continuing to grow. 

I have to throw a huge thanks out to our category leads, team captains and every single racer who has signed up to take part.
The pre-season hard work that goes on behind the scenes - and that includes all of the training sessions, recruitment, and co-ordination of the teams - is what means we can enjoy the racing from next week!

We all love to race, but remember to take those rest days/easy sessions ... They are what make us faster, and get the results!

Check out more information on the Racing section of our website.

Best of luck to everyone who is taking part this season, have fun racing with your team mates!