It has recently become evident to me just how many of our members have been enjoying participating in racing, taking part in events such as ZRL and the WTRL TTT’s, representing Team CLS across all categories on a weekly basis. Just like on our regular workouts and events there is a lot of hard work that goes into co-ordinating the teams, not forgetting the individual commitment of racing week in week out on behalf of the club, which is great to see!

As a result of this I am pleased to announce that Jon Wakefield has been given the official role of Race Director for Team CLS.

Jon has been involved with the club for many years and is looking forward to sharing the successes the club will no doubt continue to deliver through it’s racing. We will be working closely to share information with all our Team CLS members across both our Events and the Racing communities.

You won’t see a lot of changes when it comes to our Facebook / Zwift Club / Zwift Power platforms or any of the others we use so there will be minimal disruption to you all. Jon has some exciting new ideas to bring to the club and I am sure you will all want to wish him every success in this new venture.

Love always………’The Ferret’

A quote from Jon.

“The developments in cycling eSports over recent years has been exciting to watch. As this area continues to grow, I’m keen to make sure that Team CLS can provide members across all levels the best experience when choosing to take part in racing events through being part of a supportive, community-based team. There are a lot of fun things we can do across the club and I’m looking forward to pushing this even more in 2022!”