Pack Dynamics 3.0 launches

Pack Dynamics 3.0 launches

Hey everyone, we wanted to inform you about developments with Pack Dynamics 3.0. Zwift have been testing it for the past couple months under specific scenarios (group rides, races, group workouts, run, steering-enabled, etc) and are pleased with how development is coming along. Team CLS will be looking to get feedback from you all as we run a few more events on these worlds over the coming weeks.

So if you haven't tried it yet make sure you join us on Tuesday for This 'n' That where we will be in Watopia for week 5 of our Base phase. Sign up here

This is some feedback kindly provided by Jon Wakefield, one of our regulars who rode in one of those worlds over the weekend.

" My initial impressions of Pack Dynamics 3.0…

• Overall, definitely a smoother feeling in the bunch. Less effort to work through the pack (less sticky draft). The effect of less surging keeps the group flowing better in my opinion.

• Holding position in bunch feels more natural but you can also slide back easier (watch out for being dropped off the back easier!)

• Some feedback that downhills are tougher for lightweights - I found it okay if you tuck into the bunch.

On the whole, Rollout of PD 3.0 is going well - it’s now live on London, Watopia and Makuri Island. 👍🏼 "

They are now onto the next, broader phase. And as of now, they have enabled PD 3.0 for 2 entire maps. The next time you ride in London or Watopia, you may observe changes from the “classic” pack dynamics. If you’ve been curious about how work is coming along, we invite you to start with a fresh login, then hop over to London or Watopia and ride with a group.

Please make sure you’re on the latest game version.

  • What do you notice when you’re in the middle of the bunch?
  • How does your avatar move when it bumps up against the ones in front of and next to you?
  • What happens when you’re coming up fast on a slower group?
  • How about if you’re slowly approaching a slower group?
  • If you have a steering-capable trainer - what does it feel like when you steer side to side? Corollary - if you see someone else weaving side to side - is there a steering wheel icon next to their player name that indicates they’re steering-enabled?